With New Updates, NEO Sounds Makes Music Licensing as Simple as a Click


NEW YORK — Licensing music has become simpler than ever before, as NEO Sounds Ltd. streamlines the company’s already-easy process. With just a few clicks, NeoSounds clients can now purchase virtually unlimited royalty-free music licenses for any kind of media project, from films or online videos to podcasts, apps, and more. Already a leader in the field, NEO Sounds always seeks ways of making music licensing even more accessible, and the company’s newly improved licensing process is a significant new result of that drive.

“We’ve always believed that licensing music should be simple, affordable, and accessible, and just about everything we do is directed toward making that point even clearer,” said NEO Sounds representative Jonathan Brooks, “While the many small tweaks we so regularly make add up in ways that help a lot, we often target even larger, more significant improvements, as well. Our newly streamlined music licensing workflow is an example of the latter, and our clients are already confirming what a difference it makes. We’re happy to be able to ease the lives of our customers in this and other respects and promise to keep seeking out and enacting new ways of doing so.”

The modern digital environment is one of unprecedented media creation activity, with even those who would never think of themselves as especially capable turning out floods of YouTube videos, Instagram photos, and other media assets. While such casual amateur efforts might require little more than hitting a “Post” button, professionals need to see to issues like the licensing of resources that complement their own output. Particularly with regard to the music tracks that can contribute so much to video productions, radio shows, and other features, being able to license media in affordable, convenient ways has long been something of a Holy Grail for many.

NEO Sounds was founded to provide exactly such a solution and has since become one of the most popular and highly regarded sources for licensed music online. With a single, low fee entitling customers to almost unlimited use of a given track free of royalties and forever thereafter, the company makes what could otherwise be a troublesome, expensive process into something simple, transparent, and accessible.

By simplifying its music licensing workflow further, NEO Sounds improves even more on what is already regarded as one of the best systems of its kind in the industry. With fewer clicks and even less of a need to deal with extraneous details, NEO Sounds customers can now license music more easily and get back to producing the content about which they are so passionate.

About NEO Sounds Ltd.:
Dedicated to making music licensing simple and affordable for all, NEO Sounds offers easy, royalty-free access to high-quality music tracks for a low fee.

Source: http://markets.financialcontent.com/mi.ledgerenquirer/news/read/32738036/With_New_Updates

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